Clarity AI voice technology uses short voice recordings to help therapists better diagnose mental health issues and identify underlying emotions that children may be unable to articulate.  


Medical Providers/Pediatricians

Our biomarker algorithm is able to detect mental health issues with a simple 60-second voice sample.


Mental Health Providers

Our collaborative platform and innovative technology helps improve treatment outcomes and enables value-based payment models.


Insurance Companies

Our voice biomarker algorithm and care coordination platform lowers the cost of care by reducing 9-13% of unnecessary hospitalizations.


Clarity AI Voice Emotion Recognition technology identifies voice biomarkers for stress and trauma and quantifies emotional distress severity. The platform’s smart diagnostics and workflows help better monitor high-risk patients and improve outcomes.


Clarity AI utilizes Google’s Cloud Healthcare API, supporting HIPAA compliance and ensuring the safety of data.

Our mission is to use unique human attributes like voice and speech to reduce the suffering of children from BIPOC and LGBTQ communities.

Our affordable technology allows therapists to target and assist high-risk patients as soon as possible, efficiently and with culturally competent care.

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