Clarity AI™

Augmented Clinical Intelligence


Clarity AI™ combines the largest clinical voice sample repository with a proprietary algorithm that identifies voice biomarkers for stress and trauma, objectively quantifying emotional distress severity. Patients are asked to read a simple passage, from which the algorithm can draw conclusions based on an individual speech and voice.

How We Help Our Partners


During Psychotherapy Session

Rapidly screening and triaging patients
Use data-driven standards to Inform the treatment plan
Identify high-risk patients for intervention

After the Session

Automate clinical documentation that complies with the medical necessity guidelines by payers
Reduce administration burden and time

In Between Sessions


Remotely monitor patients ongoing Through a voice diary

Support patients between sessions

Improves therapists’ effectiveness and productivitys

Outside of Treatment


Anonymously assess family members Through voice-based tools with Treatment recommendations

Enable families to quickly assess risk Outside of a session

Divert unnecessary hospitalization

Become a Partner.

Programs using Clarity AI could begin the journey for affordable for quality mental health services.

Voice AI technology can identify issues that children in treatment may be unable to voice to their therapists due to lack of trust and with limited vocabulary to articulate the depth of their emotional pain.

Watch the video below to see how we are support therapist in schools.

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